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Our product and services fulfills the customers needs by not only transporting them to their destination but doing it in style with drivers who are always on time, well dressed and courteous. The luxury vehicle will always have bottled water and candy along with a daily newspaper included. All of our drivers are well trained through programs offered by the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Halifax Airport Authority, The main thing that keeps our customers coming back is the ability to have a pleasant conversation and know when to keep quiet using proper judgement.We are always ten minutes early for every pickup and will be prepared to cater to any extra needs from the customer that may arise. Those above and beyond moments in any industry can go a long way.

Our Drivers

Trevor Proude of Arrive in Style Limousine Service

Please note that local and long distance rates are based off of trips from the Halifax Airport

Airport Shuttle

Airport Taxi Service

We operate 24/7 ensuring we are available when you need us most. We ask for your flight number to ensure on time arrival and pick-up.

Private Hire

Private Driver for Halifax Tours

See beautiful Nova Scotia, visit the sights of Halifax, allow us to chauffeur you around for weddings, special occasions and graduations.


per hour

Cruise Ship Pickup

Cruise Ship Taxi Service

We operate 24/7 ensuring we’re available when you need us. Our professional and courteous drivers are always on-time so you have stress free travel.


per hour

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